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Happy Parenting Workshop
- FREE Event

In our upcoming event, June 22nd, 2024, Saturday, 9am-1pm, we will be focusing on the wellbeing of parents. We are running a FREE workshop with international and local speakers on the topic of HAPPY PARENTING.

Parenting is a challenging yet rewarding journey, and we believe that supporting parents is essential for the overall wellbeing of families and communities.

This workshop is designed to empower parents  to build a strong and joyful parent-child relationship by prioritizing connection before correction.


Through interactive workshops, practical exercises, reflections, discussions, participants will gain insights into effective communication, positive discipline techniques, and the integration of values, fostering a deeper connection with their children. 

22nd June 2024, 9am to 1pm
NTUC Centre, 1 Marina Boulevard
Level 7, Training Room 701

Workshop Facilitators

Jace Tan brings nearly two decades of expertise in talent identification, organizational growth strategies, and team building using scientific methodologies. Having profiled over 15,000 individuals on personality, he empowers them to comprehend their strengths and improve areas of challenge.


A parent himself, Jace provides valuable insights on how personality plays a vital role in any parent-child relationship. He shares his knowledge on how to engage our children using personality as a guide in order to be a better parent who understands their child's deeper needs.


With a vast portfolio spanning various industries and corporate structures, Jace possesses an intimate understanding of organizational and individual requisites. Beyond professional realms, he serves as a holistic life coach, aiding individuals in familial and interpersonal dynamics.


He is also a prolific author with 8 published books, in topics like talent optimization and personal development. His insights have garnered recognition, leading to invitations for guest appearances on platforms like LIVE 93.8 FM, where he discusses cutting-edge HR development strategies. Jace Tan embodies a blend of scientific acumen, practical wisdom, and a passion for holistic growth.

    Sat, 22 June
    22 June 2024, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm GMT+8
    Singapore, 1 Marina Blvd, #B1-01, Singapore 018989

Keynote Speaker

Gavin McCormack is co-founder of, and Education Influence. He is passionate about teaching and pedagogy having taught for over 20 years in several countries. In 2019 he was named in the top ten most influential global educators.  


In 2018 he was nominated for an Australian of the year award for his work in educational equality. 

He has conducted hundreds of teacher training workshops worldwide and has worked with countless parents in his time as an educator.


He is an advocate for innovative educational practices and believes strongly in the development of essential skills in students from an early age and is passionate about how parents can support this. A children's author, he was nominated for Australian Author of the year 2017. He writes picture books designed for children on friendship, kindness and inclusion. 


Over the past 3 years, he has trained several hundred teachers on classroom delivery techniques and lesson preparation. He runs 2 Montessori training centers and has built 3 schools and a library in remote areas.


Program Overview

Sri Madhusudan Sai is a globally recognised humanitarian known for his extensive service projects spanning over 32 countries. Since 2012, he has made a significant impact on the lives of millions of children by providing free nutrition, education, and healthcare to those most in need. 

He is the founder of 28 educational campuses including a university and a medical college in South India, as well as an institution in Nigeria, that are providing values-based education to nearly 4,200 boys and girls. 

As a humanitarian and an educator, he has worked closely with parents and is passionate about holistic support for children from parents and the school system. He believes in identifying and nurturing each child's unique strengths and passions, providing individualised value-based education that allows them to thrive on their own merits. His approach aims to develop global thinkers and compassionate citizens who contribute positively to society.

In addition to education, he has initiatives in nutrition and healthcare across multiple countries. His free morning nutrition programme nourishes over 9 million school-going children in six countries. In India alone, he has established 12 hospitals, several diagnostic centres and community outreach initiatives. Furthermore, he has founded hospitals in Fiji, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria, and a medical centre in the USA, all of which operate without billing counters, providing services free of cost.

8.30am to 9.00am: Registration
Please register with the QR code on your ticket

9.00am to 9.10am:
Welcome and Ice-Breaker

9.10am to 10.10am: Workshop with JACE TAN
How I can be a better parent by understanding the impact of my personality?

10.10am to 10.50am: Keynote and QnA session with Sri Madhusudan Sai
Foundations of Happy Parenting

10.50am to 11.10am: Tea Break

11.10am to 12.50pm: Workshop with GAVIN McCORMACK
Positive Discipline, Boundaries, Values Integration and Effective Communication

12.50pm to 1.00pm: Closing

Workshop Details

How can I be a better parent by understanding the impact of my personality?

  • Defining what is personality.

  • Understanding how parental challenges may be linked to personality.

  • Applying how knowing yours and your child's personality can make you a better parent.

  • Analysing how personality plays a vital role in the parent-child relationship.

  • Group discussions and interactive activities on the above.

Positive Discipline, Boundaries, Values Integration and Effective Communication

  • Overview of positive discipline techniques.

  • Setting quick, effective boundaries while maintaining connection.

  • Integrating values of love and compassion into daily parenting.

  • Developing active listening skills through interactive exercises.

  • Group activities for practicing empathetic communication.

  • Practical conflict resolution techniques emphasizing connection

    Sat, 22 June
    22 June 2024, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm GMT+8
    Singapore, 1 Marina Blvd, #B1-01, Singapore 018989
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